Ever since its establishment in 1991, Rretro M has been aiming at manufacturing unique furniture of its own style and quality, meeting even the most exacting clients' taste and style. We create elegant and very individual interiors through the variety of models we develop.

The natural nobility of wood and the use of both original classic and contemporary technologies make each product unique. An atmosphere that makes you feel privileged is being born combining the natural warmth of wood and the gentle forms of our skilled masters' work.


Hand made decorative elements such as wood-carving, intrasia, wood inlay, gold leaf, are only part of the operations our employees perform in order to achieve the sophisticated beauty in final products. Paying attention to details, we are striving to achieve an exquisite chic where
you can make yourself at home.

Our designers would help you to take the right decisions so that you can combine comfort and luxury. They will assist you to find the precious balances or accents by selecting for you the proper materials, colours and models, advising you on the advantages of one or
another option or idea.


Retro M has large enough machinery and vehicle fleet to undertake production and logistics of large and of small projects. An advantage is the capacity for manufacture of both small series luxurious objects and large series furniture which makes us flexible as we are, fit for the contemporary conditions.